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Blogging through Personal Knowledge by Michael Polanyi

Mars Hill Audio: Tacit Knowing, Truthful Knowing

I’ve made references on this blog to the work of scientist and philosopher Michael Polanyi. Several years ago, my Apologetics professor assigned a Mars Hill Audio Report on his life and work. I have profited from that Audio Report greatly over the years but never taken the time to read Personal Knowledge (which is massive and dense). I finally decided to start reading it a couple of weeks ago and am about half way through; now comes the blogging!

The book is around 400 pages and loaded with all sorts of goodies, so I may be posting quotes and writing thoughts for the next few weeks. The book focuses on how we come to know things, especially from a scientific perspective. Polanyi was battling against Logical Positivism and the belief that the purest means of attaining knowledge was to mechanically remove all subjectivity from the process of knowing. He was fighting to put the human, baggage and all, back into his or her rightful place in the process of making sense of the universe, thus making room for tradition, experience, art, emotion, and even religion as true means of attaining knowledge.


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