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The Viral Truth of God: Omnipotence Has Servants Everywhere

I have been on a Spurgeon kick lately. I’ve read three of his sermons on the ‘wise men’ of Matthew 2 in the past week, and I want to record a few of the memorable quotes. Here is the first. Spurgeon wants us to get ‘light from the star’ over Bethlehem. One ray of light is this:

Only here is a first lesson: if it should ever be that men should fail to preach the gospel, God can conduct souls to his Son by a star. Ah! say not only by a star, but by a stone, a bird, a blade of grass, a drop of dew.

‘Remember that Omnipotence / Has servants everywhere.’

Therefore, despond not when you hear that one minister has ceased to preach the gospel, or that another is fighting against the viral truth of God. Their apostasy shall be to their own loss rather than to the hurt of Jesus and his church; and, sad though it be to see the lamps of the sanctuary put out, yet God is not dependent upon human lights…

-Charles H. Spurgeon, The Star and the Wise Men

Viral truth; what a concept. Many things are going viral today, how about truth? But we take heart in this: when preachers fail, God’s camp remains very great. As Spurgeon says, ‘remember that Omnipotence has servants everywhere.’ He will gather his people with us or without us. It is our privilege, like the star, to serve as light.


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