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Sermon: Heart-Piercing Devotion

My newest (Christmas) sermon is up. It’s based on Luke 2:22-53 (especially vv. 34-35). It deals primarily with Simeon’s words to Mary that a sword will pierce her heart. The theme is, ‘devotion to God will lead to division, pain, and a pierced heart.’

I enticed the congregation at the beginning by telling them that it may be the only Christmas sermon they ever hear that involves guts and gambling. If you’d like to hear how such things come into play, you can listen and download the mp3 here: http://fgpc.sermon.net/main/main/20565577

To download, just hover over the media menu under the player and click download. There is also a reworked version of my ‘life as narrative’ sermon up if you’d like to check it out. I wasn’t content with my original handling of Ecclesiastes 3, so I preached a completely new sermon with essentially the same theme. That sermon ends with midnight in Paris at the Eiffel tower (you’ll have to listen to find out why).

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