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Home Row

Random short story:

I type 85 words a minute. I had to give a presentation at work. Those things can get into your head without you realizing it. The computer I had to type on was being projected onto the wall for everybody to see. People are always impressed by my typing speed. These people are ignorant of this however.

So I put my head down to look at my paper and my fingers start sending sparks from the keyboard. Watch me fly. Three sentences in I look up and see a bunch of red squiggly lines on the wall and realize that my fingers had been off home row. All my typing was a bunch of gibberish.

Nobody told me. They wanted to see how long I’d keep going before I figured it out myself. It got a good laugh.

Why don’t we tell people when they get off home row? Why do we assume they’ll figure it out themselves?

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