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You live in a secular culture. You don’t want to join a monastery. We want to help you see Christ in culture. Recognizing Christ is the ministry of Jeremy Beck and Heath Cross.

Jeremy Beck is the pastor of Covenant Fellowship in Rainbow City, Alabama. He is a graduate of the University of Memphis and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.

Heath Cross is the pastor of Edwards Presbyterian Church in Edwards, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.

Recognizing Christ is all about looking for and recognizing Christ in unexpected places like movies, books, and culture at large. Some church leaders are calling for retreat from our culture. They think it is Christless. We believe that Jesus Christ is the ‘story behind every story,’ so we should be out in the culture looking for him. We are always ‘casing the joint’ for something that will lead us to the truth of the gospel in a new and powerful way.

We have been friends since 2003. We attended the same church, worked together, and even wound up going to seminary together. We now live in different states, but we’re still sharing the journey of looking for Christ in everything we see and do. Our congregations get to see the fruit of ‘recognizing Christ’ in our sermons every week, but we want to share it with you as well.

Check out our blog and sermons. A podcast will be coming soon.