You’re living in an increasingly secular culture and don’t know what to do. You can see Christ’s glory in church, but you’re only in church maybe a couple hours a week. We want to help you see Christ everywhere so that your faith can grow during all those hours you’re not in church.


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Seeing Christ in Fight Club (and Other Unexpected Places in Culture) is all about seeing Christ everywhere. The book is set to be released in 2019. But we want to help you see Christ now.

Seeing Christ in Fight Club

Our culture is secular. It’s pressing on us from all sides. What are you going to do as a Christian? Are you going to become a monk? Are you going to get angry and rail against everything that’s wrong with the world? Are you going to retreat into some sort of ‘Benedict Option?’ We want to help you see that Jesus Christ is the story behind every story. That even in a secular culture, you can still see him all over the place – if you know how to recognize him.

Recognizing Christ is about seeing Christ everywhere. In movies, in books, in culture, and in the Bible. You don’t have to retreat to love Jesus more. Your love for him can grow as you engage culture.

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