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Who Wants to Help Me Rename My Blog?

Change is coming. Who wants to help me rename my blog?

Yes, I’m nearing completion of seminary and it’s time to make the blog a tad more professional looking and easier to share. Which means I need a domain name.

I’m leaning toward having the word ‘cross’ in it, since that’s my last name. I also don’t want to use my full name. The problem is that names like crosswords, crosswind, across, and the like are mostly taken when it comes to .com addresses.

Any of you blog wiz kids out there have any ideas for domain names and/or advice going forward? Should I go for a non .com address?


  1. Timothy says:

    HighCross Blog?
    To build more traffic, try using Twitter to share your posts. Use hashtags and go to Bitly.com to get shorter hyperlinks. I’ve only been using Twitter for blog purposes for a while, and have increased traffic a little. The longer I use it, the more traffic should increase.

    • Heath says:

      Well. I’m not really worried about traffic to be honest. I’m kinda scared of traffic, but I realize in this day that if you don’t exist on the internet you don’t exist at all basically. That’s why I’ve had to start uploading some sermons. And with how eclectic my stuff is, I’m not even sure who my audience would be.

      I’m more concerned that I pick a domain name that’s easy to hear so that if I actually tell someone by mouth they won’t say ‘what?’ and I won’t have to spell it ten times and that it sounds somewhat pithy. My blog name now is just long and I don’t really want to carry it over when I buy a domain.

      I haven’t got to tell you this, but I’m going before presbytery next month to become a candidate (and hopefully have my internship requirement waved with the support of my home church) and I graduate in May (finally, only 7 hours to go). I want something that I can carry over into the pastorate with me Lord willing.

      HighCross will go before the cross-council. I have informed my daughters that they get the final vote. I’m still hoping I can find something ocean related. crosswords would be great, but it’s taken of course.

  2. Kent says:

    Regarding a name change for the blog, which relates to “cross” and “ocean,” these titles pop into mind: Cross Ocean, Ocean Cross, Crossing the Ocean, Water Cross, Cross Water.

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