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Back at It

This past Saturday I finally had the letters M.Div attached to my name. It took me ten years to get there. I even went back to college in the meantime and started a new career. It’s been a busy 10 months since I resumed my studies and most of my reading has consisted of academic-theological stuff and most of my writing has consisted of exegesis and research papers.

If you want to keep up with my preaching, most of my sermons are being posted HERE. I’m presently working through the book of Ecclesiastes. If you dig through my recent sermons, you’ll probably hear me quote Lucy Grealy several times.

I’m going to get back to blogging through books. I’ve missed it. I’m starting off the summer with two books that are very different from one another:

  1. Autobiography of a Face,by Lucy Grealy. Lucy Grealy suffered from a rare form of cancer (in her jaw) from the age of 9. This led to a life of addiction that ended with a drug overdose at age 39. The book describes how her face, and the trauma of cancer, came to define her existence.
  2. A Vindication of the Moral Law, by Anthony Burges. Burges was a Seventeenth Century Puritan minister and member of the Westminster Assembly (which produced the Westminster Confession of Faith, Catechisms, etc.). This book is considered a classic in scholarly Reformed circles that deal with the relationship of law to gospel.


  1. Timothy says:

    Congratulations on your graduations. That is a lesson in perseverance. Also, glad you are blogging again. ON another note, the pastor at Faith OPC is taking us through Ecclesiastes as well. Vanities of vanities…

    • Heath says:

      Thanks Timothy. Ecclesiastes is a pretty tough book to preach. The Hebrew is really difficult, but I’m enjoying working through it.

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