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Still Here

I just wanted to post a quick note to say that I haven’t forgotten about the blog. I am in the midst of ordination trials, plus my normal job, plus beginning my work at the church that has called me to be their new pastor (which will start full-time after Christmas). My reading has slacked off big time as I’ve been focusing mainly on prepping for ordination exams and studying for sermons, Sunday school lessons, and Wednesday night Bible studies every week. I’m looking forward to getting back to a more vigorous reading schedule soon…very soon.

I do have an interesting reading story though. Blog readers may or may not know that I’m a big fan of minimalist fiction. A few months ago I grabbed a Barry Hannah book for a quarter at the Goodwill. I’m a fan of Barry Hannah and quoted him regularly during my series on Ecclesiastes this year. Anyway, the book was laying with a stack of other books I bought at the same time. So I picked the book up to read randomly last night and not only did I discover that it was signed,  even more it was personalized to someone who was apparently a minister. Hannah wished him success in the ministry. The book is in mint condition and still had an advertisement in it for the particular event at which he signed the book. It was in May of 1985.

To think that someone gave it to the Goodwill. That has the makings of a story in itself.

I had someone offer to give their late husband’s library once. I said, “You better check with your children first, that’s some serious stuff.” She said, “The books are still sitting in his study and they never use them.” ‘But still,” I said, “Even if they don’t use them, they may have some major sentimental value.” “Nah,” she said. “They won’t care.”

Books are so personal. I imagine that the man who had this book signed left it behind at some point. And whoever he left it behind to didn’t value it in the same way. Those who are closest to us elude us. Tell your family why you like the books you like. I tell my children that every book I’ve ever bought has a story behind why I bought it and a story about my experience reading it. Sometimes we’ll go through my library and I’ll tell stories about such. I let my kids do the same to me. Try it some time.

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