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Using the Hemingway Editor App

After hearing about it for what seems like forever, I decided to give the Hemingway App a try. Those who have been around the blog for a while know that I’m a fan of minimalist writing. The app works to help keep your writing simple and clear.

You can check it out HERE.

The app highlights difficult and very difficult to read sentences, passive voice, weak sentence structure, adverbs, etc. If I plugged the previous sentence into the app, it would tell me to rewrite it like this: It highlights difficult to read sentences. It highlights very difficult to read sentences. It highlights passive voice. It highlights weak sentence construction. It highlights adverbs. It helps to keep your writing flowing.

We are officially using it on the book project. After using it to edit one chapter, I was sold. The only negative is that it is very labor intensive. But I guess editing is supposed to be that way. If you need something to help you clear-up your writing, you might want to give it a try. It costs around 20 bucks for the desktop version. We’re in no way connected to them, so I had to pay just like everybody else.

Here’s an example from chapter 1 of our book project. The purple highlights mean that each sentence is very difficult to read. The blue highlights mark an adverb and a qualifier:

Here’s the same paragraph after editing:

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